KrisKore.Net helps your company adapt to the ever-changing online world by offering safe modern technological solutions customized to your business needs.

Leveraging the power of secure cloud based technology, KrisKore can give you the ultimate convenience no matter your current working circumstances, allowing you to save time and money, all while positioning your company for growth.

Our Services

We can help you find affordable custom solutions

Where current technology falls short on your business’s exact needs, we can help you find affordable custom solutions that our team can code for you to integrate into your existing cloud based apps.

Cloud Transition Programs

Shift your operations online using cloud-based technology.

KrisKore.Net offers:


Creation of a Custom Technology Plan


Set up of new accounts


Migration of data


Training staff on the new services.

Business Process Automation Services

Leverage cloud-based technologies and optimize current business processes.

KrisKore.Net helps:


Work with team to define Business Processes


Create Automation Plan


Implement automation products.


Training on implemented solutions

Management Services

We provide management services to ensure your technology is working efficiently.

KrisKore.Net helps:


Track effectiveness of Automation Plan


Provide ongoing support for your team with cloud tech


Recommend potential changes to improve productivity/efficiency

Contact us for a free consultation

Contact us for a free consultation where we will go through your current situation
and help you plan how to leverage cloud technology and automation.

Modern technological solutions

KrisKore.Net helps your company adapt to the ever-changing online world by offering  safe and secure modern technological solutions customized to your business needs. With the help of KrisKore.Net, your company will operate more effectively, saving you time and money.

With years of experience and a thorough understanding of today’s latest technology, KrisKore.Net provides businesses with the opportunity to rise above the competition online. 

We keep you ahead of the game by constantly searching for the best technological advancements and finding new ways to best fit them into your business needs.

Did you know?

Did you know that in 2019, existing companies that embraced cloud technology saw a growth of up to 15%.

Remote work doesn’t just mean the ability to work from home. Many companies have seen an increased amount of productivity with their employees able to take holidays and still work. How this is implemented is up to individual companies, some have strict hours while others have KPI’s that employees have to maintain on a more flexible schedule.

For a company of 8, automation can help collectively reduce employees busy work hours up to a full 8 hours per day. This allows a whole extra 8 hours to be refocused towards more productive and revenue generating activities. Companies have reported being able to turn that time into an additional $45,000/yr

The biggest modern issue your company has, comes from user error. No matter what current solutions you have, the number one reason companies face financial consequences is from a click done by one of its users, whether it be a phishing email, bad website, or incorrect spelling. Automation reduces the amount of clicks required by users to achieve a task, reducing the risk of issues both security wise and errors/omissions.